What is this thing called psychogeography?

This project is conceived as a psychogeographical investigation. So, just what does that mean?

Well, the Leeds-Dortmund Project which I executed in 2002/03 had the same theoretical basis, and I published a handful of tracts about psychogeography to support that work. Written by Guy Debord and the Situationist International.

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Progress report

Well, things are progressing well. There is a core team of myself and 3 others who will be doing the walk on October 17th. We expect it to take about 8 hours, weather and any other wildcards permitting!

If anybody would ike to join us on the walk, just get in touch overhere.overthere@virginmedia.com.

I have 2 OS Explorer maps that I’m transcribing the route to, and in just a couple of days will be travelling to Dortmund to do some fieldwork establishing what the German route looks like. Most of the route follows the Hellweg, an important medieval trade route through Germany. Dortmund centre is notable for being bisected by the Hellweg, a narrow imprint of a street bordered by postwar reconstruction.

As the date of the walk approaches you’ll see a map appear on the site. That’s where our progress will be displayed by realtime GPS tracking as we follow the walk. The length of the walk means that one of our main logistical considerations is battery power for the mobile technologies we’ll be using. So getting enough juice has been integral to preparations so far.

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Hello world!

My name is Graeme Murrell. On 17th October 2010 I will be leading a walk between Leeds and Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. The walk will follow a road route between Dortmund and Unna in the Ruhr Valley, that has been superimposed on the English landscape.

On 25th november 2010 I will be performing a piece based on the walk.

Lots of thanks to East Street Arts in Leeds for giving me the opportunity to realise this project.

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